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Taking a shower, doing the laundry or washing utensils can be frustrating if just a trickle of water is coming out of the faucet. However, having the water gushing out at a high pressure can also be a pain.

Actually, high water pressure is a major problem that can cause heavy damages and losses as it:

  • Puts excessive stress on the piping, leading to cracks or breakages
  • Lowers lifespan of appliances like washing machines, water heaters & dishwashers
  • Brings about considerable increase in water bills

Wastage of the precious commodity – water – is another outcome of high water pressure that cannot be ignored. Obviously, it is a problem that needs to be fixed promptly.

If the reason for undue increase in water pressure is the municipal water supply, all you can do is apprise the authorities of the issue. But, if any other issue is the culprit, you should lose no time in calling in experienced plumbers.

 Let Trained Plumbers Deal With Water Pressure Issues

Dealing with a high water flow issue can be tricky. It is not a situation where you can take a do-it-yourself approach. With a novice on the scene, the result can be flooding of the property, bursting of appliances like water heaters and many more troubles.

The right persons to handle and resolve water pressure issues are trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of the piping system, understanding of the all the probable causes of the problem, and skills as well as proper tools for fixing the underlying defect.

Hiring professionals ensures a quick end to your woes from high water flow and also:

  • Keeps your property safe and clean
  • Protects your investment in appliances
  • Averts water damage to your belongings
  • Prevents you from getting injured 

 Know When to Call Plumbers to Bail You Out

The best way of minimizing your hassles and losses from high water pressure is by detecting the problem in time and calling in experts immediately. It is easy to fail in doing so, especially if you have a pressure reducing valve installed to regulate water pressure.

Remember, the PRV can start malfunctioning. So, you should be alert and watch out for signs indicating the fact that your property has high water pressure. These include:

  • Banging, noisy pipes
  • Leaking faucets
  • Running toilets

Do not leave high water pressure problem attended for long. Spare yourself needless headache and save money on repairs by hiring professionals right away to fix the issue.

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Beacon Plumbing provides exceptional services of repairing and maintaining your water and drainage system. Our company has been serving various regions of the Washington state since the year 1999.

Our company is family owned and operated and has very experienced and competent experts working for us. Our plumber can handle all your needs and provide a service that is sure to impress you.

Our workers are known for their:

  • Workmanship
  • Quality services
  • Extensive knowledge

Being trained professionals, our staff can resolve all kinds of problems, be it big or small, complex or simple. Our customers are always happy with our service because it is always of the highest grade.

Although there are various companies that provide the same services as ours, none of them can match us as we add a personal touch. Our staff can get the job done in the first attempt itself.

Our Plumber will be there for you 24 hours a day!

It is the integrity, dependability and professionalism of our company that we have been able to survive for many years. We have dedicated ourselves to make sure that our customers are never inconvenienced which we why we provide 24 hour emergency service to them.

Be it 3AM in the morning or the week end, our staff will be there to repair your air conditioner or unclog your drains. We can guarantee that the service we provide you will be very efficient and not make you regret choosing us.

Our service is:

  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • Responds quickly

Not only do we repair and maintain equipments, we also install them. Our installation service is one of the best in the business and will not give you any chance to complaint. Our staff aims at performing each job perfectly.

A Plumber with years of experience and Skills

Our workers who serve the residents of Washington have been doing so for years now. Hence, there are bound to provide you a hassle free and perfect service. Since they are experienced, they are automatically skilled.

All your problems related to water and drainage system of your house can be taken care by them. There are various services that our plumber provides:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Gas piping
  • Leak detection
  • Water filtration system

Get in touch with our company if you want a service to provide you with durable solutions.

Beacon Plumbing is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the area. Call (253) 655-4599 to employ our services.

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If you are having problems with the water and drainage system of your house, there is only one company you can trust blindly! Beacon Plumbing has been dealing with drainage problems in homes all over the state of Washington since 1999!

The features of our plumbing company are:

  • Locally owned
  • Family operated
  • 24/7 emergency services

Be it residential property or a commercial one, our experts of pipes and drainage can take care of everything! Be it a small repair or a big installation, our experts show up with the same amount of dedication to carry it out!

Our professional service responds rapidly and always ensures 100% customer satisfaction. We provide a service that is sure to leave our customers impressed. We also offer same day service to ensure that your problems are resolved as soon as possible.

Clogged drains to burst pipes, Our Plumbing Company Can Deal with everything!

Our company provides wide ranging services to our customers. Issues related to the water and drainage system can be a nuisance. Leaking taps, problems with water heaters, clogged drains etc can be a headache for homeowners.

Hence we provide our customers numerous services in order to make our company a one stop shop for all kinds of needs. Some of them are:

  • Air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance
  • Drain cleaning
  • Repiping
  • Water filtration systems repair and maintenance
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Furnace repair

Whatever the problem is, our experienced and reliable experts can assess the problem in a jiffy and suggest solutions that last you for years to come! The rates that we charge from our customers are very affordable and nominal.

For quick and effective service and solutions, choose us!

Choose a Plumbing company with experience

Since our company has been serving customers since the year 1999, we are one of the oldest companies in the state of Washington. With so many years of experience, we have gained knowledge that is invaluable.

Moreover, our staff too is very experienced and is very:

  • Well-trained
  • Thoroughly professional
  • Possesses comprehensive knowledge

We have so much faith in our staff that we offer a guarantee of one year on the labor as well as parts. There are not many companies that offer 24 hour services to its customers. It shows how committed we are to make life easier for our customers.

Beacon Plumbing has been ensuring customer satisfaction for years now! Call (253) 655-4599 to talk to our experts right now!  

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Not many people realize how important the services of plumbers are for living hassle-free lives and running homes or businesses smoothly. From installing the piping, faucets, showers, washing machines and other fixtures or appliances to repairing and replacing them, these professionals do everything that keeps the water and drainage systems in a property working fine.

If you are a resident of Washington and are searching for a plumber that you can trust, contact Beacon Plumbing. A leading company that is known for providing reliable service and quality care, we attend to your needs with technicians who are highly:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Trained
  • Experienced

We are committed to resolving your problems and making your life comfortable.

 Rest Easy that You Have a 24-Hour Plumber

There is no knowing when you might have a burst pipe, backing up drain, clogged toilet, broken water heater or any similar problem staring you in the face, making your household and business activities go haywire.

Fortunately, we are here to handle such emergencies and help you out of the bind! We offer 24-hour services and respond promptly, whether you call us in the dead of the night or early in the morning.

We realize that the nature of our services is such that delay often significantly increases the hassles and loss suffered by our customers. Therefore, we:

  • Offer 24×7 access to our customers
  • Have our technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Keep our service trucks ready to be dispatched at short notice

 Save Money by Hiring Us as Your Plumber

Calling in a technician to fix your damaged or broken water pipes and fixtures means an expense, right? So, you may wonder how hiring our services can save you money. Let us explain.

All equipments and appliances develop snags from time to time. Well, water and drainage installations are no different! You can use your faucets, bathtubs, toilets, water heaters, drains, etc. with utmost care to minimize the chances of their malfunctioning.

Still, issues that can be resolved only by professionals do happen occasionally. You cannot avoid these, but can ensure savings by calling our trained technicians to fix the problems. We help you save by:

  • Charging the most competitive prices
  • Offering great discounts
  • Helping your piping and fixtures work to their maximum potential

Moreover, you are fully protected because we are licensed, bonded and insured.

Let Beacon Plumbing serve you once and know why the company enjoys a stellar reputation throughout the state of Washington. Call (253) 655-4599. 

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Looking for an experienced plumber for leak detection in Tacoma, WA? Beacon Plumbing provides one of the most outstanding services for leak detection in Tacoma. We are a company you can blindly trust when it comes to your plumbing needs.

It imperative to contact a reputed plumbing company in case your require leak detection services in the Tacoma region .There could be a major problem in your pipes. Hence, it is important to employ the services of a plumber who specializes in leak detection in Tacoma properties.

Choose us to solve your problems because:

  • Our experts are equipped with the latest machinery
  • All our workers are seasoned professionals
  • Provide 1 year guarantee on our service

Never ignore any leaks in the pipes of your house. Our plumbers provide the most incredible and cost effective solutions.

Find Water Line Pipe Leaks In Tacoma Properties

The expert sent by our company uses the latest equipments to find water line pipe leaks in your Tacoma property. If you do employ a professional to find water line pipe leaks in Tacoma, there is a chance you might create an unhealthy environment for your loved ones.

Except the expertise to find water line pipe leaks in your Tacoma property, our workers can even handle repair and replacement of pipes. The experience our experts who find water line pipe leaks have is second to none in the Tacoma area.

Most importantly, our seasoned professionals always make sure to work around your routine so as to not cause any kind of inconvenience. The methods our workers use are totally safe and do not cause any mess.

Our workers provide:

  • Free estimate
  • A-one services
  • Activity carried out under the supervision of a trustable employee

24×7 Sewer Leak Detection In Tacoma At Affordable Price

Our experts of sewer leak serving Tacoma use methods that are 100% non-invasive. More importantly, our service of sewer leak is available for Tacoma residents 24 hours a day throughout the year.

You are sure to be left impressed by our service of sewer leak in Tacoma properties. It does not matter to our experts of sewer leak serving Tacoma whether it is day or night, they will provide you with cost effective solutions.

We also render many other services:

  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Burst pipes
  • Sewer repair

Beacon Plumbing renders top class service of leak detection. Our experts can find water line pipe leaks and deal with sewer leak too. To employ us, call (253) 655-4599.


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Do you need elite plumbing service anywhere in the state of Washington? Well, you are in luck as Beacon Plumbing happens to provide one of the best plumbing services. Our company has been serving the residents of Washington with the most outstanding services since the year 1999.

The reason our plumbing company has been able to survive for such a long time despite stiff competition is only because of the hard work of our plumbers. It is only because of their diligence that we have been able to establish a huge customer base in the state of Washington.

Except for being proud of all our plumbers, we take pride in the fact that we are one of the very few companies of plumbing service that provide repair services 24 hours every day, day in and day out! Again, credit to our plumbers who are:

  • Seasoned professionals
  • Have extensive knowledge
  • Cordial and friendly 

Same Day Service to Make Sure You are Not Inconvenienced

The goal of our service is to ensure that our customers are never inconvenienced. To fulfill our goal, we provide our customers with same day services. As soon as you place a call at our company, our trained experts drop in at your property as soon as possible.

However, if you are a busy person, our plumbers can plan their visit according to your schedule. Our plumbers, with years of experience, can assess the problem with the plumbing of your house and can suggest solutions. The solutions suggested by experts are:

  • Cost effective
  • Long lasting
  • Hassle free

Our licensed plumbing company can provide a solution for all kinds of budget. Being locally owned and family operated allows us to provide you a very quick response and personalized services.

Why Choose Our Service Over Others?

We offer a huge variety of services in almost every city of Washington. Be it residential or commercial plumbing, heating or drain cleaning, we cover them all.

Out of our numerous services of installation, repair and maintenance, some are:

  • Septic pumps
  • Water heaters
  • Boilers
  • Air conditioning
  • Furnace repair
  • Kitchen remodeling

Our company provides a guarantee of 1 year on not just the parts but also the service of our plumbers. The reliable, fast and dedicated services have helped us build an enviable reputation. We review the work of each plumber by taking feedback from our customers.

Beacon Plumbing renders trustable and durable services to the residents of Washington State. To employ our services, call us on 1-800-373-2546.

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