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With the weather cooling down, it is important to check your furnace in Bonney Lake. No one would like to have a furnace that doesn’t work during the fall and winter. Luckily, Beacon Plumbing can help you out! There are a few ways to tell if your furnace is in proper working order or not. These are a few signs you will need a furnace repair:

  • Not enough heat coming from unit
  • Strange noises from furnace
  • Cool air being emitted
  • A yellow pilot light instead of blue
  • Your utility bill is higher than normal

If have noticed any of these signs or symptoms, then it is time to call (206) 425-3130 to schedule an appointment with our technician. Because we are a 24-hour service company who has been around since 1999, we will send a technician out to you the same day you call. That even means you can even call early morning or late night, even on weekends and you will still get an appointment. We can repair your furnace.

Bonney Lake Furnaces

Looking to get a furnace tune-up? If you have any problems or issues with your furnace the best thing to do would be call Beacon Plumbing in Bonney Lake. We are the furnace specialist’s. Having been serving Bonney Lake and the surrounding areas since 1999 we know how to fix, repair and install any type of furnace. Each of our trained technicians are licensed to work on furnaces and will get you the service you are looking for. When you call us to look at your furnace you will get:

  • Rapid response
  • Personalized service to fit your needs
  • Technicians with great knowledge on any make or model of furnace
  • A Diagnostic
  • Competitive and fair pricing

Why would you wait any longer to call Beacon Plumbing? Our team is at the ready to help you in your home or commercial business. For prompt and professional service you can always trust Beacon Plumbing located right here in Bonney Lake to handle your furnace repair or replacement. If things are getting cold, call us so you can be comfortable.

Bonney Lake New Furnace Installation

When is the best time to get a new furnace? Right now is the answer! If you have an older or broken furnace in your home or business, call Beacon Plumbing in Bonney Lake to get you a new furnace. Beacon Plumbing is one of the most professional and well-informed companies around, and we know our furnace work. Call us with any questions you might have about your furnace. Again, if you have an older furnace that has not been checked or serviced in a while, or a broken furnace then you should call today to have our technician come out to your home or business and take a look at how we can best help you. We will provide you with the uninstallation of your old furnace, and hook up your new furnace. Because we love Bonney Lake we will include a discount for your next furnace work or installation.

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