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Summer is slowly ending, but it’s not gone yet. We have had record breaking heat waves all over Washington State including in Lake City. If you haven’t done it already you need to get your air conditioning problems solved! While there is still heat, there is still a need to have air conditioning in your home or business. There is no need to be sitting in your home uncomfortable with the heat. Call Beacon Plumbing in Lake City today to have us take a look at repairing or installing a new AC unit in your home or business. You can reach us at (206) 452-3130. Because we are a 24-hour service company, we will always answer. It does not matter the time nor the day, because we will answer and send our highly trained and professional technicians. We believe in serving people always and at all times, which includes helping them with their air conditioning units. Call Beacon Plumbing in Lake City today to let us help you!

Lake City A/C Repair

Have you been meaning to get your air conditioning unit fixed? Unsure if it needs to be fixed? Call Beacon Plumbing in Lake City to get your A/C Repaired by the best of the best. First lets help you discern if you are in need of a new A/C unit or not. Here are a few ways to tell:

  • If your A/C unit is older or if it has not been serviced in some time
  • There is leaking coming from your Air conditioning unit
  • If you hear strange or loud noises when using the AC
  • If your home is feeling hot or is stuffy

If you have answered yes or these situations above describe your air conditioning unit then you will need a repair. The next step would be to call Beacon Plumbing. When you call we will send our technician who is trained and licensed to your home. He will take a look at your A/C unit and let you know how we will be able to repair it.

Lake City AC Contractor

Now is the time to contact your local Lake City AC contractor. Beacon Plumbing in Lake City knows just what an AC contractor is looking for. You are looking for a reliable company that has professional workers. Not just that, but you want those professional workers to fix, repair and install any air conditioning unit that you need. If that is true, then Beacon Plumbing is the right choice for you! We are a 24-hour service company who knows their stuff. We have had many years of experience working with other contractors as well as residential and commercial buildings. Our 24-hour service greatly benefits our customers and contractors because we are always on the ready to help you when you call. Our team is proud to serve Lake City and the surround areas and other local companies. Great service, trustworthy and reliable technicians and competitive pricing are just a few reason why you should choose to contract through us.

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