Frozen Pipes in Renton

How to Fix Frozen Pipes in Renton

Winter brings a whole new set of problems in regards to household and commercial plumbing. Not only do you have to make sure that you have all your heating units maintained and working, but you also have to worry about pesky plumbing issues such as frozen pipes.

Frozen Water Pipes Renton
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Frozen pipes occur when the water inside of them gets so cold that it freezes. You may wonder why frozen water is such a big deal. After all, it will just thaw when the temperature rises, right? Wrong. A frozen pipe will burst and lead to a much more expensive problem. Not only will you have to repair the pipe completely, but you will also be dealing with water damage.

Renton Plumbers

Renton Plumbers Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes:

Disconnect your outdoor hoses. Don’t forget to drain them after you’ve disconnected them!

Close exterior vents that may leave crawl spaces susceptible to the cold temperatures of winter.

Keep the pipes warm by using a space heater in areas where pipes are susceptible to cold temperatures.

If necessary, turn on the tap so that a small amount of water is continuously dripping out.

Purchase insulating wraps for pipes that are susceptible to cold weather. Hardware stores generally carry these products.

Call your plumber before your pipes freeze so that they can come in and tell you how to prevent your pipes from freezing. They may move your susceptible pipes and suggest products to use.

Emergency Pipe Repair

Preparing your pipes for winter is something that not all homeowners and business owners know how to do. If you are learning these tips after your pipes have frozen over, then it is best to call a qualified Renton plumber to come to your home or business.

The plumbers here at Beacon Plumbing and Heating are not only highly skilled, but they are also affordable and timely. We work completely around your schedule and can even show up during a plumbing emergency.

In fact, we have 24/7 emergency plumbing services just in case you are dealing with a burst pipe that is started to flood and cause water damage.

We are the most well known Renton plumber because of our great customer service. Our whole staff is friendly, professional, and caring. We know how frustrating it is to have frozen pipes. Give us a call and we will rush over to fix your pipes for you!

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