Boiler Repair in Kent

Quality Boiler Repair in Kent

At Beacon Plumbing and Heating, we take care of our customers in regards to their boiler repair in Kent

We offer great customer service in addition to high quality work. Our boiler repair technicians are all licensed, bonded, and insured, and go through a thorough screening process before being sent to your home. We maintain the highest standards so that you can rest easy, knowing all your boiler needs are being taken care of by professionals in the industry.

A malfunctioning boiler costs more to operate, and therefor raises your monthly bills. Many customers ignore the early signs of a malfunctioning boiler and then end up paying a premium each month. Avoid this pitfall by paying attention to your boiler and getting it fixed the moment it starts to malfunction. In order to stay on top of your boilers health, and improve its lifespan, you should practice regular boiler maintenance.

Our boiler repair technicians can repair or install all types of boilers, including:

• Electric Boilers
• Gas Boilers
• Commercial Steam Broilers
• Large Pulse Boilers
• Boiler Inspections
• HVAC Boilers

Heating Services in Kent

In addition to boiler repair in Kent, we offer a number of other heating services in Kent. From furnace repair to installation, we have you covered. We routinely work with heat pumps, furnaces of all kinds, hydronic heating systems, and more.

Our services are affordable and high quality, which are two reasons why people love us. We also offer emergency heating service to our customers, giving them ease of mind and confidence during an emergency.

Plumbing in Kent

If you thought we were merely a heating company, then you would be wrong. We offer fantastic plumbing in Kent! Our plumbing services are unmatched by our competitors. We offer drain clearing, burst pipe repair, bathroom and kitchen installation, and more!

We also offer our emergency services to plumbing customers as well as our heating customers. This allows you to get the help you need when you need it! With Beacon Plumbing and Heating, you will never be without help again.

There is nothing worse than dealing with a plumbing disaster, and unfortunately winter is a prime season for it. We service many areas in the Puget Sound and also extend our services to business owners.


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