Burst Pipes in Olympia

How to Fix Burst Pipes in Olympia

Burst Pipes in OlympiaIt has been an especially cold December in the Olympia area. Colder temperatures can mean your pipes are at risk. If your pipes burst it could mean water damage-a problem that is costly to fix. Don’t let your pipes freeze over and burst. Call Beacon Plumbing and Heating and have our skilled plumbing technicians come take a look at your pipes. They will look for pipes that are vulnerable to freezing, and provide options to keep them safe.

In order to keep your pipes safe, there are a few things that you can do. First, try to take inventory of your vulnerable pipes. Vulnerable pipes include all pipes that are outside or exposed to the harsh winter temperatures. Disconnect and drain your hoses and install insulating wraps from your local hardware store.

Plumbers in Olympia

Our plumbers are highly skilled, passionate, and friendly. Before we hire our plumbers we thoroughly pre-screen them. This is to ensure that we send a reliable and hard working person to your home. We take pride in our plumbers and have received wonderful comments from our customers regarding their plumbers disposition and work ethic. Our plumbers can come to your home whenever it is convenient for you. At Beacon Plumbing and Heating we understand that you have a busy schedule.

Emergency Pipe Repair

In addition to regular plumbing services, Beacon Plumbing and Heating also offers emergency pipe repair. Emergency pipe repair is usually necessary when your pipes have burst. Burst pipes occur when water inside your pipes freeze and burst. The water damage caused by a burst pipe can ruin your personal property, creating a bigger mess than necessary. Call our experts fast to ensure that no damage is done by a burst pipe.

The plumbers here at Beacon Plumbing and Heating are not only highly skilled, but they are also affordable and timely. We work completely around your schedule and can even show up during a plumbing emergency.

Keep our number handy so that when you need one you have access to a great Olympia plumber. From regular plumbing to emergency pipe repair, Beacon Plumbing and Heating has you covered. Visit our website at to get information on our other services.

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