Bathroom Plumbing in Kent

Get Bathroom Plumbing in Kent

Bathroom Plumbing in KentYour home’s bathroom is an important place to keep up-to-date.

Not only do you want your bathroom to be fully functional, but you also want it to be a place you can relax in. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning or coming home after work and having to deal with a broken toilet, sink, or bathtub.

If you are in need of bathroom plumbing in Kent, give Beacon Plumbing a call. We are more than happy to send over one of our experienced plumbers to get your facilities up and running again. Our bathroom services include:

• Drain and toilet clearing
• Sewer line repair
• Septic and sump pumps

You can also take advantage of our services after you choose to remodel your bathroom in Kent. Our talented technicians will work on your sink, bathtub, toilet, faucets, and fixtures. Not only can you change the look of your bathroom, but you can improve its function. We offer all of our plumbing and remodel services so that you can achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

Beacon Plumbing: Your Go-to for Plumbing and Heating in Kent

Beacon Plumbing has been around since 1999. Since the company started, they have taken the Puget Sound by storm. They have quickly become the most popular plumbing company due to the fact that they offer fantastic customer service and affordable prices. And they offer all of that without sacrificing quality work! So, why should you choose Beacon Plumbing over our competitors? Here are a few reasons:

  • Our plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We can generally dispatch someone the same day for quick service
  • We offer emergency plumbing and heating services in case you find yourself stuck with an emergency
  • Our plumbers and heating technicians have decades of experience
  • Our employees are pre-screened thoroughly before employment
  • We service many areas, guaranteeing that we will be there for you long term

These are all great reasons to choose us, and there are many more. Find out for yourself by getting ahold of our team. We offer many plumbing services as well as complete heating services.

For more information about Beacon Plumbing, and the services we offer, go to our website at You can also reach our friendly staff by dialing 253.220.6100.

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