Air Conditioning Tacoma

Residential Air Conditioning Tacoma

If you live in the Tacoma area, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed the increased temperature.air-conditioning-tacoma-wa

Spring is well underway, which means the weather is getting hotter. It also means summer is just around the corner. If you are a home owner or a business owner and don’t have an air conditioning unit yet, now is the time to purchase one and have it installed. Beacon Plumbing may be best known for our quirky advertising and professional plumbing services, but we are also a full service air conditioning provider in Tacoma.

Our air conditioning experts can answer any and all questions you have regarding air conditioning, and help you make the best choice regarding which unit to go with. Once you’ve decided on an air conditioning unit based on your budget and needs, our team will install it for you. When you choose us, you have nothing to worry about other than how to best enjoy your new, comfortable environment!

In addition to new air conditioning in Tacoma, we offer air conditioning repair. This service is offered for home owners and business owners who already have a unit, but have noticed that it is not working properly. Instead of going out and purchasing a new air conditioner, which can cost a lot out of pocket, have your air conditioner inspected. You may be able to squeeze extra life out of your unit with a few simple repairs.

You may also find that a few repairs is all your unit needed to start working like new again. In Washington, and in Tacoma especially, air conditioning units are not used all year. Having your air conditioner off for most of the year can leave it vulnerable to a few different problems. Call the professional air conditioning experts at Beacon Plumbing to find out more about repairs.

Commercial Air Conditioning Tacoma

We provide commercial air conditioning in Tacoma in addition to residential air conditioning. This means that with our help, Tacoma business owners can offer comfort to their employees and to their customers. In the summer time, customers head to their favorite businesses to keep cool, relax, and shop. If your shop is sweltering, chances are you are going to lose out on a lot of sales.

As a business owner, customer comfort, care, and satisfaction is obviously your top priority. Call Beacon Plumbing to find out how to get a new unit or repair for your existing unit.


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