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At Beacon Plumbing, we know that getting the right plumbing contractor for the job is not something many homeowners in the cities of Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Everett look forward to, given their prior bad experiences with amateur and dishonest contractors who’ve only delivered sloppy work at exorbitant prices.

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Many a time such contractors promise to take care of the problem at a minimal cost while sidelining any possible discussion regarding rates. They then proceed to install a makeshift arrangement to delay the problem at best and when it comes back, it comes back much worse.

The team of Beacon Plumbing believes in not only fixing a problem, but making sure that it stays fixed as well. Our experts are well trained, fully certified and experienced in handling any type of plumbing problem you may be experiencing, no matter how severe or complex it may seem. We also know that emergencies can strike at anytime and are prepared to combat the same with our prompt and professional experts.

Plumber Reviews from customers in Bellevue

To give you an accurate idea of the quality of our work, here is an excerpt from the testimonial one of our customers has written about our services:

“I called up Beacon and your company actually sent someone out there the same day and they arrived within 90 minutes. The gentleman sewer expert you have on staff was able to quickly locate the abandoned sewer line that was not connected to the city sewer system any longer… was well equipped for the job and his sewer camera showed that the sewer was free and clear of any debris and easily able to be reconnected… We plan to use your company for the completion of the rest of our land development and we have been very happy with your price quotes…”

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The team of experts at Beacon Plumbing brings only the very best plumbing services to its customers. Instead of being all words, we decided to let our work do all the talking. The single best way to figure out whether the plumbing contractor you are thinking of hiring is the right one involves checking out their background and work history.

A competent plumber will never shy away from showing testimonials from their clientele attesting to their work.

So the next time you hire a plumber, check their work history and if it does not match up to your requirements, Stop Freakin’…Call Beacon!

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