Boiler Repair in Federal Way

Do you have a broken boiler that has been giving you issues recently?  Is it not functioning properly?  This can be a frustrating problem, but you’re not alone.  Many customers have experienced this same issue and Beacon Plumbing has been able to help!  Call us at 206.452.3130 today and our plumbers can help with repairs, removal, or installation of a boiler at your commercial or residential location in Federal Way.

In Need of Boiler Repair in Federal Way?

We have plumbers in Federal Way who can repair your broken boiler today!  We provide same day service and are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Our plumbers arrive promptly and provide grade “A” service.  You can count on them to review the job with you and discuss a fair and reasonable price before they begin the job.  We appreciate your business and want this to be a win-win situation for everyone!

Don’t forget, our plumbers can also help with other plumbing and heating issues, such as:

  • sewer line repairs
  • broken water heaters
  • garbage disposal repairs or installation
  • furnace repairs or installation

Do You Have a Broken Boiler in Federal Way?

To help determine whether or not you have a broken boiler, we’ve provided a list of some of the more common issues boilers can have.

  • Are you finding that there’s no hot water or heat?  This could be caused by valve failure, broken diaphragms, or low water levels.
  • Is your pilot light going out?  This is a common problem and is usually linked to a broken thermocouple.
  • Is your boiler leaking or dripping?  This requires a professional diagnostic as it can be caused by many different things.
  • Does your boiler just randomly shut off?  Sometimes low water pressure can be the cause of something like this.

If you have experienced or are currently experiencing any one of these issues, give us a call and we’d be happy to come out and at the very least take a look at your it.  Our trained plumbers can tell you what’s going on and suggest the best course of action.

Contact Us to Repair Your Broken Boiler in Federal Way

So don’t delay, Stop Freakin…Call Beacon today!  Or visit us online by clicking here.  We can have one of our plumbers located in Federal Way come by and provide you with whatever help you’re needing!


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