Do You Have a Shower Drain That Needs Repair in Seattle?

Is there an incessant leaking coming from the shower in your bathroom?  Is the never ending “drip”, “drop” keeping you awake at nights?  Not to worry, I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves in that situation before at one time or another.  Over time and with continuos amounts of use shower drains get damaged.  While in the shower they’re knocked lose, dented, and sometimes broken.  No matter which condition your leaking shower is in, Beacon Plumbing can help.  We have plumbers in Seattle that are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We pride ourselves in providing emergency services in rain or shine, day or night.  We understand that plumbing and heating problems never take a break, so neither do we!  Call us at 206.452.3130 to see why we are the number one plumbing company in Seattle!

Shower Drain Repair in Seattle

Here at Beacon Plumbing we have spent countless hours ensuring each of our technicians are trained and able to get the job done and do it correctly.  Whether it’s a shower drain that needs repair at your residential or commercial location in Seattle or something else related, each time one of our technicians shows up to your home you can count on them to:

  • Call ahead 30 minutes before arrival to let you know they’re on their way
  • Assess the situation upon arrival
  • Create a list of all the tasks, materials, and tools necessary to complete the job
  • Review the price with you before any work is done

We strive to ensure this process is a seamless and enjoyable one for you.

Leaking Shower Drain & Other Repairs in Seattle

A leaking shower drain is something our technicians encounter frequently.  They are well equipped to handle such a problem and they are also very capable to handle many other types of issues that don’t concern your leaking shower.  For example, we have technicians that can help you with:

  • Sewer repair or replacement
  • Water service installation
  • Pipe inspection service
  • Electric, gas, and tankless water heaters
  • Anything that’s leaking and much, much more!

Our techs can do it all in Seattle and they have years of experience and continue to learn so as to be aware of the most up to date best practices in the plumbing industry.

So if the “dripping” and “dropping” coming from your leaking shower becomes to much for you to take, remember, Stop Freakin…Call Beacon!  You can also visit us on the web by clicking the link below.  We have technicians in the Seattle area now and hope to hear from you soon!

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