Everett Hot Water Heater Repair

Did you know that Beacon Plumbing has been in business for over 10 years?  We have been servicing the residents of Everett and many, many more across the Peugeot Sound area since the late 90’s.  It has been a long road but we have worked hard to become the number one local plumber to call in Everett.  We are available at 425-329-7875 assist with any heating issues you may be experiencing.  Also, because plumbing and heating problems never seem to take weekends or holidays, neither do we.  Your local plumber is a mere phone call away.  Night or day, rain or shine, we are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Gas or Electric Hot Water Heater ?

Some people aren’t sure whether their Everett location is in need of a new hot water heater or not.  We’ve provided you with a few questions you can ask yourself to see if a local plumber needs to drop by.

  • Has your water been slow to heat up?
  • Have you noticed your hot water not lasting very long?
  • Has it been a while since your heater was last serviced?

If you’ve answered yes to any one of these questions, there’s a good chance your Everett heater needs some work!

We Can Repair Your Hot Water Heater in Everett the Same Day!

Once of the great things about our Everett technicians is that they do just about everything.  However, just strictly speaking of a hot water heater any local plumber of ours can easily:

  • Repair it
  • Replace it
  • Remove it

We can provide you with whatever it is you’re looking for and we can do it at an affordable price.  We train each of our technicians to do their best and we provide them with all the tools and skills they need to succeed on the job they are assigned.  They excel under pressure and can handle any commercial or residential job in Everett.

Call Your Water Heater Expert in Everett

If that hot water heater is not working as it should Stop Freakin…Call Beacon!  And even if it’s something else that’s broken, we can fix it.  Summer is upon us and it’s gonna be getting hot, hot, hot!  So if your air conditioning unit isn’t working, we can fix that too.  Let us show you why we are the best local plumber you can call.  Call today or come visit us online by clicking on the link below to see our official website.

Everett’s Beacon Plumbing Website 


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