Tacoma Plumbing Services for Cleaning Drains

When faced with a plumbing problem, property owners of Tacoma, WA often do everything they can to avoid hiring a plumber. One common Tacoma plumbing issue that people try to save some bucks on is clogged drains.

Having clogged drains can be disastrous. Noticing the kitchen drains taking forever to drain or observing rising water level around your feet as you shower can cause a sinking feeling that everyone must be familiar with. Still, most people carry on with their routines hoping that they would not have to call in Tacoma plumbers and the apparent blockage would clear out naturally after a while.

However, that seldom happens. Clogging of drains is a Tacoma plumbing problem that gets worse with time. Hiring the services of professional Tacoma plumbers is a possibility that might be the only way out of the situation.

Things Tacoma Residents Should Avoid With Drain Cleaning

It is common for the residents of Tacoma to make amateur plumbing efforts to clean drains and not hire a plumber right away. While it is best to avoid this do-it-yourself drain cleaning that is likely to do more harm than good, people who insist on doing it should make sure to take certain precautions.

The things to be avoided with DIY drain cleaning include:

  • Using the garden hose
  • Pouring chemical drain cleaners into drains
  • Unbending coat hangers and inserting them inside drains
  • Using drain augers

The use of chemicals or makeshift drain cleaning tools like hangers and hosepipes can damage the drain pipes and lead to bigger Tacoma plumbing problems. Even proper tools like augers are effective and safe only when handled by professional Tacoma plumbers like Beacon Plumbing. The plumbing company has the skills, experience and resources to perform drain cleaning efficiently, without damaging your Tacoma plumbing system.

Choose Certified Tacoma Plumbers

With them, you are assured of being served by licensed Tacoma plumbers. When you call them for drain cleaning services, you can rest easy of being attended to by a plumber who knows his job and can get it done right, the first time.

Being a certified Tacoma plumber, they make sure to work in compliance with the local plumbing codes. The company has its plumber available 24/7 to provide emergency Tacoma plumbing services to clean clogged drains the instant need arises.

Moreover, you can count on it for:

  • Clear and honest communication
  • Fair estimates
  • Competitive prices
  • Wonderful customer service

Call Beacon Plumbing at (253) 655-4599 for plumbing services to clean choked drains in Tacoma.

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