Why Day After Thanksgiving is the Busiest Day for Plumbing Industry

Even as people all around relax in their homes and enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend with their loved ones, it is the most difficult time of the year for a plumber to get a leave from work!

For the past many years, almost every plumbing company in Tacoma has been observing that the day after Thanksgiving is invariably the year’s most hectic day, with incoming calls almost 50% more than what come in on any other Friday. The most common problems that necessitate the services of a plumber on Black Friday are blocked kitchen sink drains, choked or broken garbage disposals and clogged sewers.

Actually, this should not be a surprise. Not when you think about the elaborate Thanksgiving meal that households serve up and the guests comprising members of the extended family that most people tend to entertain over the holiday. As the traditional stuffed turkey and other delicacies are prepared in the busy kitchen, a whole lot of poultry skin, grease, vegetable peels and other food scraps simultaneously go down the drain and garbage disposal. These food debris and solidified fats accumulate inside the drain pipes. Not surprisingly, people wake up the next morning to clogged drains or disposals, and start making frantic calls to their Tacoma plumber for help in restoring normalcy to their kitchen’s plumbing.

The other reason for the increased demand for a Tacoma plumber on the day after Thanksgiving is the extra strain that the plumbing system is put under. With many people hosting overnight guests, there is a drastic increase in the toilet flushing, showering, and sometimes even laundry work happening in a house. And, you will agree that the sumptuous Thanksgiving meal can have everyone making extra trips to the toilet the next day!

Is it any wonder if the pressure overwhelms the plumbing and drainage system? In fact, this can result in such a stinking mess from backing up sewer drains that unless a Tacoma plumber comes rushing in to stop and clean it up, the holiday mood can be completely ruined for everyone.

Sometimes, it can happen that the home already had partially clogged sewers and drains that the homeowner failed to notice. The increased load on the plumbing system during the Thanksgiving holiday in such cases might break it down completely.

That is why experienced and dependable plumbing companies make sure to have its Tacoma plumber always available and well-equipped to handle plumbing emergencies that are sure to crop up on Black Friday!

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