Furnace Repair and Installation

Repair-My-FurnaceTrusted since 1999, Beacon has your best interest in mind, by keeping your home in shape with the mechanical problems that may come.

Over half the year is a heating season in Washington State. That is a huge workload for your furnace and most people don’t want to give in to those chilly nights.

So what happens when you start noticing your furnace having problems?

This is the Ultimate Dilemma: Furnace repair vs. Furnace replacement

Well, you’re in luck because Beacon can do both!

We are on call 24 hours a day, with experts sent to your location within 90 minutes, then leaving you with a 1-year guarantee in our work.

What Our Heating Repair Services Offer

Tired of putting on those extra layers just to get up out of bed?

Stop letting the frostbite you, and start investing in your home, in your family, and your warm future!

The difference in the heating system can mean the difference in cost of installation, operating it, and its individual parts. Beacon will cover ALL your heating repairs.

Electric Furnace: Initial investment is cheaper and faster to install though the cost to operate is higher. The good news is they last 20-30 years if given good maintenance.

Gas Furnace: More expensive for initial investment and installation and its life span is lower between 10-20 years. Though running the equipment is much cheaper than electric and will heat your house much faster.

“My furnace doesn’t produce enough heat”

  • Thermostat is not working or is poorly calibrated
  • Fuel supply line or valve have leaks or is blocked preventing fuel intake
  • Ignition fails
  • Pilot light is out
  • Furnace air filter is dirty

“How long until I need to replace my furnace?”

  • Cracked or deteriorated heat exchanger
  • Old furnace=money drain

Sometimes you need a little fix, and sometimes you need a new replacement, but with Beacon, we will never leave you unsatisfied.

Our experts will be able to quickly identify any of those problems making your life worry free.

Furnace Repair Maintenance

At Beacon, we hold our employee’s knowledge and skills at the highest priority. So when we come to your home or business we truly believe that you are getting the best of the best in heating service.

This also means that from your first appointment with us we will advise what might need maintenance over time to keep your system running smoothly and to avoid any bigger costs of replacement.

The leading cause of deterioration and breakdowns of heating systems is due to neglect and poor maintenance.

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