How to Deal With Frozen Pipes in Your Plumbing System

When temperature drops below freezing point, your Everett plumbing system can take a real beating causing the pipes to freeze. Frozen pipes are a big concern in many homes and commercial properties. The first sign of a frozen pipe is no or reduced water pressure out of your faucets or shower.

Pipe thawing can help to prevent a frozen pipe from cracking or bursting. If you suspect frozen pipes in your home or business, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the main water valve
  • Leave the faucets open
  • Increase heat in the house
  • Open cabinets or crawl space doors
  • Call a pipe thawing technician

It is also important to know what NOT to do, should your pipes decide to freeze. Avoid using any kind of open flame, such as kerosene or propane heater or a blow torch to thaw pipes.

Reduce Emergency Plumbing Calls With Frozen Pipe Prevention Tips

There are a number of reasons for pipes in your residential or commercial property to freeze during cold weather. Below are the most common causes of frozen pipes:

  • Poorly insulated pipes
  • Pipes located inside cupboards
  • Exposure to icy draughts

Insulation is one of the best ways to ensure the water flows freely through your pipes. Another method to preventing frozen pipes is leaving your heating on a low setting, especially if you are going on holiday for more than a couple of days. You can also ask a friend or relative to check your home regularly to make sure the pipes have not frozen, or worse burst.

Pipe Thawing Experts to Restore the Integrity of Plumbing System

Problems with pipes can affect any portion of the home or commercial property. One of the worst case scenarios for any property owner is frozen pipes that burst and pour out water. Pipes can freeze inside the walls or under crawl spaces. For unprepared property owners, such deep freezes can cause expensive damage.

If a pipe bursts, emergency pipe thawing experts should be called immediately and the water to the property should be turned off. Doing so will prevent further damage and minimize repair costs. Professionals can thaw pipes utilizing:

  • State of the tools
  • Latest diagnostic equipment
  • Knowledge and skills

If you experience frozen pipes quite frequently, consider repiping your home or business.

Call pipe thawing experts to handle whatever burst pipe or frozen pipe issues you have as a result of cold winters. 

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