Kenmore Furnace Repair

Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end and that means the colder and wet weather is coming. That also means you need to make sure your furnace is in order. Beacon Plumbing is the company in Kenmore who can make sure your furnace is working. If you are having heating problems such as:

  • Cool air
  • Not enough heat
  • Utility bills higher than normal
  • Strange noises from your furnace
  • A Pilot light that is yellow instead of blue

If you notice any of these issues you may need a furnace repair or checkup in Kenmore. Do not hesitate to call today because we can send a technician out to you the same day you call! It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to furnaces. Call a trustworthy company like Beacon Plumbing to come out and get your furnace repaired. If it is not possible to fix or repair we can also get you a new furnace! Call today to find out.

Kenmore Furnaces

Faulty furnace? Need a repair? Or maybe just a checkup? Then call Beacon Plumbing located near your home in Kenmore, Washington. Why not choose a trustworthy company who offers the best of furnace services? You can trust us to get the job done promptly, and efficiently. We offer many services including furnaces. When you call our team we will:

  • Diagnose the issue at hand
  • Educate and provide you with information
  • Give you affordable solutions
  • Answer your questions
  • Personal service

Kenmore is in good hands so all us to get your furnace fixed, repaired, or replaced. Our professionally trained technicians can repair any furnace model and make. We are your number one furnace company because we can handle anything. If you need heat in your residential home or commercial business we can help. Give Beacon Plumbing a call so your family or business can be comfortable in your home or business. If you are not sure if there are problems, call anyway and we will give you a diagnostic.

Kenmore New Furnace Installation

If you need a new furnace to be installed, call Beacon Plumbing in Kenmore to get the job done right. When installing a new furnace, it is important to have the installation done correctly and also to make sure you know how your heating system works. When you call one of our 24-hour dispatch teams, they will answer your call any time and any day of the week. They will then get our trained technicians to your home or business. Once we are onsite we can tell you all about the new furnace you will be getting including the maintenance and how it works. Do not try installing by yourself. It can be even more expensive, but also dangerous to you and others. The time is now to call (206) 452-3130. As mentioned before we have a 24-hour service team waiting to receive your call, and help you get a new furnace right away. Kenmore is in good hands when it comes to getting your heating done.

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