Covington Furnace Repair

Are you looking for a great trustworthy company to get you a furnace repair? Lucky for you, you have found Beacon Plumbing in Covington. We are always there to help fix and repair your furnace. If you are unsure if your furnaces needs to be repaired, here are a few pointers:

  • If you hear strange noises coming from the furnace
  • The pilot light is not blue but yellow
  • If there is no heat coming from your furnace
  • You feel cool air coming from your furnace
  • Your utility bill is higher than normal

Those are to give you a few ideas of if you need a furnace repair or not. If you are still unsure, give us a call and we can come and take a look at your furnace and help you out. We have been serving Covington with furnaces for many years now, and know what the right furnace can do to a home or business. We want everyone to have warmth and heat in their home or business as the colder winter months come up.

Covington Furnaces

When looking for a furnace company to come and fix your furnace or replace your old one, it is important to choose the right one. Beacon Plumbing in Covington is the number one heating and furnace company. Our company was started in 1999 by our owner. He believes in serving the people of Covington and the surrounding areas to the best of his ability. That is why all of our technicians are trained and licensed to work in your home or business. They have years of experience working with furnaces. When you call our team, they will always answer because this is a 24-hour service company. Beacon Plumbing of Covington is the greatest for many reasons. We will provide you with a rapid response to your call, personalized and friendly service that fits your needs, a diagnostic of the issue, and fair pricing. We will help in your home or business so that you can feel warm and comfortable, we would hate for anyone’s heat not to work.

Covington New Furnace Installation

If you need a new furnace to be installed, call Beacon Plumbing in Covington to get the job done right. When installing a new furnace, it is important to have the installation done correctly and also to make sure you know how your heating system works. When you call one of our 24-hour dispatch teams, they will answer your call any time and any day of the week. They will then get our trained technicians to your home or business. Once we are onsite we can tell you all about the new furnace you will be getting including the maintenance and how it works. Do not try installing by yourself. It can be even more expensive, but also dangerous to you and others. The time is now to call (206) 452-3130. As mentioned before we have a 24-hour service team waiting to receive your call, and help you get a new furnace right away. Covington is in good hands when it comes to getting your heating done.

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