Urinal Repair Seattle

If you are a business owner then its time you found the best plumbing company in Seattle. That company is Beacon Plumbing! We can handle any type of commercial plumbing including urinal repairs. Whether you only have one urinal or many, you know how important it is to have a working urinal. Our professional and hardworking technicians understand how the different types of urinals work and we are always at the ready to repair your urinal.  It is best to act quickly when a bathroom urinal is not working. Customers and employees alike prefer a functioning urinal as well as a clean area. An unresolved urinal issue can result in more damage as well as an unclean space. The sooner Beacon Plumbing fixes the issue the sooner both you and your customers can enjoy a clean bathroom.

Urinals may need a repair for many reasons. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Leaks – Urinal equipment can fail at any time and can cause a leak. No one wants leaking water running into their bathroom. Whether it’s a big or small leak Beacon Plumbing can save the day.
  • Clogs – Beacon Plumbing can clear your drain lines so that you have a urinal or toilet that drains properly. Using our video cameras we can see exactly what is in your drains and assess the situation.
  • Failure – Equipment and parts can fail over time from wear and tear, or from misuse. Our plumbers can address each issue and if needed repair the parts that are not working. Beacon Plumbing warranties our labor and the parts used.

If at any time your urinals are not working in your Seattle business, Stop Freakin’ and Call Beacon! You can reach us today at (206) 452-3130. Our 24-hour response team is ready whenever you are. We can install a brand new urinal too if a urinal repair is not an option. We want your Seattle businesses, restaurants, and homes to be 100% and working exactly the way they should. Do not hesitate to reach us today. Find us on social media too!

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